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Value we bring

We utilise Web3 to innovate new ways of building the next future on-chain communication standard in the form of dMail, dChat & Web3Transfer. Behind the scenes, we will enable any project to integrate the dMail & dChat layers into their platform UIs or wallets using the SDK framework. We strongly belive in:

Events & Conferences

Web3 Stronger Together Virtual Summit was held in March 2023. Block Labs research head, Dr. Rezun talked about secure communication and data ownership retention. Blockchain eDelivery protocol was also presented as a use case at UN/CEFACT workshop in Geneva.

The Team Behind Block Labs R&D

Joined to create decentralized Web3 communication solutions for the public & private sectors
After finishing his doctorate, Dr Rezun established Block Labs, where he dedicates his time to Web 3.0 R&D, more specifically he focuses on on-chain communication security. Tali is also a guest lecturer on the Cotrugli MBA program, Blockchain Adria resident speaker and a UNCEFACT expert.
Dr Tali Rezun
Founder & Project Head
Software engineer with more than a decade of experience. Highly proficient in PHP, JS, Vue.js, Typescript, MySQL and specializes in IT infrastructure, DLT networks and blockchain implementation, while developing in-depth knowledge on multi-blockchain processes and transactions, which makes him an expert in its field.
Denis Jazbec
Head of Development
Blockchain legal expert and ACAMS Certified FinTech AML Associate with almost 20 years of legal experience. He helped clients to develop and launch a number of award-winning blockchain projects. Vitaly was featured in the GC BeNeLux POWER LIST of Legal 500 (leading ICT attorneys) and won three awards at the ICT Spring Europe with his LegalTech project.
Vitaly Bondar
Legal Framework
The Principal and founder of, a cryptocurrency based on the revolutionary beyond blockchain project HashNet. Drazen is a successful entrepreneur with 30 years of business experience. Mr Kapusta also serves as Principal of COTRUGLI Business School and holds the function of Blockchain Adria president.
Drazen Kapusta
Web3 Advisor
Senior financial industry executive and entrepreneur with 20 years of international experience & expertise in Banking and Finance. Sandi spent most of his career as a dedicated leader in reputable international financial institutions e.g. UniCredit group, Bank Austria Creditanstalt and Alfa Group acting as a CEO of Alfa Asset Management (Europe) SA.
Sandi Nemet
Partner Development
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Jane Cooper
Content Writer
Dr Tali Rezun
Denis Jazbec
Vitaly Bondar
Drazen Kapusta
Sandi Nemet
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BlockLabs S.a r.l, 41 rue du Puits Romain, 8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg
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