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At Block Labs, we are developing powerful tools to help build and deploy
on-chain communication and decentralized storage apps.


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Collaboration with world's prominent Web3 ecosystems.

The complete developer platform for pioneering the future of global on-chain communication

On-chain communication framework

Build, integrate and deploy Web3 email, messaging or data file transfer apps and save engineering time by utilising our EVM SDKs and White labels.

On-chain communication infra stack

Discover the ultimate Web3-Infra stack for building & utilizing on-chain communication applications.

Decentralized storage services

Connect to custom decentralized storage nodes via dedicated service APIs, NPM and SDK or enable storage NFTs within your apps.

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  • Robust & Resistant

    Build robust, self-custodial and immutable Web3 communication apps resistant to Web2 data mining, data ownership loss and phishing.

  • On-chain Verifiable

    Utalize "1 message = 1 L1/L2 transaction" on-chain model that introduces an unprecedented level of trust and security, and ensures message or data communication immutability and traceability.

  • E2E Encrypted

    Enable true self-custodial communication encryption that is managed by users, as they control and own the private encryption keys.

  • Easily Applicable

    Enjoj EVM compatibility and integrator-focused legal framework that is available and applicable worldwide.

  • Start Building

    Deploy via Immu3 permissionless integrator licence, ideal for teams wanting to build their own on-chain communication and decentralized storage-based apps.



The on-chain model introduces an unprecedented level of trust and security and ensures message/data communication immutability and traceability.

0 EVMs +


10+ EVM blockchains are already supported with more coming.

Decentralized storage

By integrating decentralised storage users retain custody and data ownership of their communication data.

Self-custodial encryption

SDK-integrated AES-256 encryption enables sending or receiving encrypted emails, messages or data files with user-owned encryption private keys.

Modular framework

Like legos, specific modules (i.e. UI white labels, SDKs, Encryptor, PX sNFT) form the future on-chain communication apps.

Next-gen Web3 UI/UX

Based on the modern minimalistic design style, the white-label UIs emphasise simplicity with an intuitive but effective navigation and setup system.

Coded with the latest technologies

Nuxt 3, Next.js, TypeScript, Wagmi, Solidity, Rust…

Open source

The code is open source with some blocks bearing commercial restrictions. 

Knowladge deep dive

Explore how on-chain communication changes the narrative and solves the perils of traditional communication platforms. 

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