Adding Social Layer to Tron

HolaChain Testnet

Follow the user guides available within the documentation pages and send your first on-chain message on Tron.

Multi-chain Wallet

Install 4thTech wallet, Chrome and Firefox extension for interacting with the HolaChain platform.

Tron Hackathon Winner

Read more about HolaChain, the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 winner in Web3 track.

Holachain illustration

Solution Key Points

  • dMail & dChat App

    HolaChain is a email and chat dApp on Tron.

  • Self-custodial encryption

    Sending or receiving encrypted emails and messages with user owned private keys.

  • Robust & resistant

    Censorship, data mining and de-platforming resistant.

  • Evolution

    HolaChain app is based on the initial 4thTech framework which evolved into the curent OCC framework. The latest OCC framework is a modular stack composed from the OCC SDK, white-labels and Encryptor enabling higher level of integration.

Dive deeper

*Access the open forum and engage with the Tron community.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

HolaChain was a hackathon dedicated project, an on-chain email and messaging application build specifically for Tron blockchain.