The developer framework for pioneering the future of global on-chain communication


The protocol smart contracts enforce immutability and transparency in P2P decentralized communication through simple yet strong rules.


Offers abstractions for developers to interact with protocol smart contracts in an EVM Typescript/Javascript environment, simplifying encryption and remote storage access.


A suite of ready-to-use white-label email and messaging UIs designed to fast-track your entry into the rapidly growing Web3 market.

Utilize the Framework

  • Out-of-the-box integration

    Build on-chain email, messaging or data file transfer applications, and utilize the SDK and White-label stacks.

  • Encryption by design and choice

    Customise your in-app encryption with several SDK built-in options available.

  • Decentralized storage

    SDK-enabled PollinationX decentralized storage service empowers devs to utilise innovations such as PX Storage NFTs.

  • Interoperability

    Interoperable with all major EVM-based chains, tools and wallets.

Framework Features

  1. Modular Packages: Typescript/Javascript stack including Encryption, Encryptor, Ethereum, Storage, Types, and Utils.
  2. EVM Multi-chain Support: Ready-to-use compatibility with multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains ➡️
  3. Method Usability Tests: Comprehensive tests to ensure functionality and usability ➡️
  4. Integrator Monetization: App owner-fee smart contract feature.
  5. Permissionless Integrator License: Level-2 license via Immu3 ➡️

Build with 4thTech

*open-source permissionless access

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Legacy email, messaging and data file sharing platforms are custodial, centralized and permissioned by nature. Data mining has become the core revenue driver behind most legacy communication platforms. Users trade the “ease of access” while their data is analysed, sold, shared, used for ad-retargeting and stored in perpetuity.

On-chain communication can change the narrative of traditional digital communication and data management from; custodial to self-custodial; centralized to decentralized; permissioned to permissionless, and; from “free” but mined to payable but yours.