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Decentralized Storage infrastructure

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PX NFTs minted

PollinationX Storage NFTs

Programmed with predetermined storage capacity, the PX Storage NFT represents the decentralized storage unit (e.g. 100MB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 100GB).


Dive into the specifics of each API endpoint by checking out our complete documentation.

PX Drive

Experience “Cloud Storage” like UI in a decentralized manner.

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Solution Key Points

  • Decentralized storage infra and service layer

    PX is bridging the gap between decentralized storage networks and end users enabling ease of access while democratizing access to secure and private storage solutions empowering a new era of data sovereignty and security.

  • Out-of-the-box integrator framework

    Suite of back-end services that enable devs to connect to custom decentralized storage nodes via dedicated service APIs, NPM & SDK while utilising the read-and-write methods of supported decentralized storage out-of-the-box.

  • Multi-chain

    PX is striving to enable access to decentralized storage no matter to the native L1/L2.

PX Storage NFT Features

  1. Predetermined Decentralized Storage and Bandwidth capacity.
  2. Self-custodial Decentralized Storage access.
  3. Portable Decentralized Storage.
  4. Accessible only with users' private key.

Build on PollinationX

*open-source permissionless access

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Compared with centralized storage, geographically dispersed decentralized storage network has no single point of failure. Your data is broken into 1000s of pieces and dispersed through the network decentralized storage nodes. Access is permissionless, while data retrieval is possible only with the users private key.